Some of our most requested services are patio cleaning in Hartlepool and patio cleaning in Middlesbrough. These alone keeps us extremely busy throughout the spring and summer and free quotations are always available.

Many of our customers take great pride and spend a lot of time in their garden. Consistently on many homes, the focal point of gardens is the patio. An aged or unkept patio can really be to the detriment to the overall look and feel of a garden.

Unfortunately, many people invest thousands of pounds on a new attractive patio in the belief it will be virtually maintenance-free only to find after a couple of years this is rarely the case.

Various forms of natural stone that are widely used today are prone to algae, lichens and unsightly marks becoming ingrained into the surface. Also, the popularity of ‘sweep in’ compounds have left many poorly pointed Between the joints.

At Ultra Pro Seal LTD we provide specialist patio cleaning, sealing and maintenance services For all types of paving slabs, sandstone, limestone and patios formed from brick, block or cobble pavers Within our portfolio of services we can also carry out minor repairs to damaged pointing or loose slabs.

All cleaning work is carried out with consideration to the pointing and type of surface laid. With the use of our powerful pressure washers avoided whenever possible. This minimises the risk of any further damage occurring during this part of the process. Once clean and dry, we recommend the application of Smartseal patio sealers or natural stone sealers.

Application of sealer not only protects the surface of the patio and the pointing but it also significantly reduces maintenance. When that routine maintenance is occasionally required it will be far easier, quicker and without risk of damage to your patio.

Ultra Pro Seal LTD patio cleaning services are available across Teesside and surrounding areas. We are always happy to provide free advice and quotations, get in touch today, we are here to help!

For a free no-obligation quote for patio cleaning, please call 0800 193 3560 or complete our online enquiry form.