Roof cleaning & coatings in Hartlepool and roof cleaning & coatings in Stockton on Tees is what many homeowners on Teesside are searching for. As a professional roof cleaning company based in Hartlepool, we can provide free quotes and site visits to carry out all aspects of roof moss removal and cleaning.

Arguably the most important external aspect of any property is the roof. Not only, of course, does it keep the home dry, but it is also an important element in keeping heating bills low and the property visually appealing. A poorly maintained roof can also suffer from the build-up of moss that can lead to several problems including block gutters and downpipes, plus increased fuel bills.

At Ultra Pro Seal LTD of Hartlepool, we can provide a complete portfolio of roof restoration and roof cleaning services to transform and protect any home. Not only do we clean roofs of moss and dirty looking algae, we repair them as well. Before we carry out any work we would inspect and survey your property. If there are any loose or broken tiles these can be re-bedded or replace. Damaged or missing concrete on your ridge tiles, no problem, this can all be repaired as part of the process.

Once your roof is clean of moss and dirt, with any necessary repairs carried out, we can offer additional services such as roof coating, roof sealing or moss prevention. We use Smartseal ‘Climashield’ roof coating, this advanced formulation roof coating not only leaves roof tiles looking like new, but reintroduces the protective ‘film’ on the tiles to leave them water resistant and acts as a barrier to future moss growth.

Ultra Pro Seal LTD can also offer a roof coating service to transform the look of and add value to your property. As a registered installer for Climashield™ roof coatings we have the expertise and knowledge to make your roof like new again. You can renew the existing colour of your roof tiles or if you prefer, change them to a new colour. Climashield™ roof coatings are currently available in slate grey, terracotta, deep tan, rustic red, burgundy and black. An application will not only aesthetically transform the roof, it will also leave the roof tiles water resistant and help limit the damage caused by constant exposure to UV light.

We would clean you roof first to ensure the roof tiles are totally clean and clear off moss and algae growth. We will then apply Moss Clear Pro from Smartseal to ensure any remaining moss or algae spores are killed off prior to the application of the roof coating. Once the roof is totally dry, usually after 2-3 days, we will return to apply the roof coating in the colour you have selected. The roof coating is then applied using an airless paint sprayer to ensure a uniform finish. To avoid any overspray and to ensure nothing is left to chance, any surrounding areas are covered with tarpaulins which are only removed once we have completed the project.

The great thing about having a roof coating applied is that your once tired looking concrete roof tiles will be left looking like new. Furthermore, they will benefit from many years of protection against the weather and general erosion, plus provide increased protection from the regrowth of moss and algae.

If you feel your roof could do with a ‘facelift’ give Ultra Pro Seal LTD a call, we will happily advise and where required provide a free quotation.

For a free no-obligation quote for roof cleaning & coatings, please call 0800 193 3560 or complete our online enquiry form.