Our tarmac restoration service for Hartlepool, Middlesbrough and Stockton on Tees keep us busy throughout the year. We specialise in tarmac repairs and restoration across the whole of Teesside and most towns in the north-east of England.

Like any other external surface, to remain free from deterioration tarmac needs some kind of occasional maintenance. Without protection from wear and tear, sunlight and the prevailing weather conditions, a few years after it has been laid, tarmac can quickly lose colour and become brittle.

This is due to the diminishing levels of protective resins that are initially present within the tarmac when it is 1st laid. Without these resins, the tarmac not only loses colour but can start to crack and surface stones become loose.

At Ultra Pro Seal LTD we not only clean and repair tarmac, but we also protect it as well. Before cleaning, if any moss or algae is present, this will be pre-treated with a moss or algae remover to facilitate its easy removal without more damage to the tarmac. This avoids the need for aggressive pressure washing that can cause significant damage and loss of stones.

If cracks and small potholes are already present Ultra Pro Seal LTD have the required skills and knowledge to repair these areas. After cleaning, once the surface is completely dry, we would apply two coats of Tarmaseal tarmac restorer. Tarmaseal is the professionals choice for not only re-colouring and protecting the surface but also soaking the lost resins back into the surface to protect against further deterioration.

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